Registering your location/property

Do you have a location that you would like shared with location managers across the UK? 

It could be a unique location or a generic house in a convenient location, or possibly a double for Europe, America, London or anywhere else. 

Do you own a business that is iconic to the area or that has unique aspects that may attract filming?

Uploading images:
  • Please provide as much information and as many images as possible.
  • Please also be honest about your property so that filmmakers find what they expect when they visit the property. The aim is to establish an accurate representation of the property so don’t disguise the less appealing details.
  • The images of your property are the most important part of the process and registrations without images will not be approved.
  • As a minimum, take photographs of the front and rear elevation of the property, the interior and exterior entrances, the main reception rooms, hallway, stairs and kitchen.
  • It would be beneficial to provide photos taken from all angles to get a good feel for the location.
  • Simple snapshots are fine and, in general, try taking photos which show your house as a ‘blank canvas’, not featuring any people or pets.
  • Try to upload no more than 50 images.
What happens if someone wants to use my property to film?
  • Production companies will usually pay a fee to use your property as a filming location and this will vary according to the nature of the production and is negotiable.
  • However, you are also able to negotiate the contract with the filmmakers so that your property and your rights as owners are fully protected.
How often will my property be used?
  • Filming is normally done on an ad hoc basis and it is therefore inadvisable to make any predictions about the amount of filming at your property or the level of income you might receive.
  • Productions are filmed throughout the year and use all types of property and interest might vary, for example from large-scale feature films to television series.
Do I have to pay for registering my property?
  • No, we do not charge for registering a property on our database.
Registering multiple properties:
  • You can register as many properties as you want.