Popular filming locations in North Somerset

Clevedon Pier

A historic pier at the heart of Clevedon.

Weston-super-Mare seafront

Weston-super-Mare seafront stretches across the beach from Birnbeck Pier to Uphill and contains a range of restaurants and attractions, including the Grand Pier. 

Weston Woods

Located above Weston-super-Mare, Weston Woods connects the town with Sand Bay and offers locals fantastic walking routes. 

Poet's Walk

Poet’s Walk stretches across Clevedon and offers stunning views of the Welsh valleys. 

Uphill Marina Wharf

Located on the edge of Weston-super-Mare and in the middle of a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Uphill Marina Wharf Campsite and Marine Centre boasts river moorings, docks and access to Uphill Beach. 

Ladye Bay

A small cove located just to the north of Clevedon Pier with views across the area and the Brecon Beacons. 

Portishead Lake Grounds

Portishead Lake Grounds encompasses an artificial lake and park, located on the periphery of the town’s historic buildings. 

Hill Road, Clevedon

Adjoining Alexandra Gardens, Hill Road contains a variety of charming shops, cafes and restaurants. 

Sand Bay

Lying 2 miles north of Weston-super-Mare, Sand Bay is a sandy beach stretching from Weston Woods to Sand Point, a beautiful limestone peninsula sticking out of the Bristol Channel. 

Marine Lake, Weston-super-Mare

Weston-super-Mare’s Marine Lake is an enclosed, all year-round purpose-built swimming beach situated on the town’s seafront.